Fee-Only Financial Services

Stowers Financial Planning provides hourly, as-needed financial planning and coaching. Sheila Stowers, CFP®, MBA specializes in meeting the needs of everyday people and primarily works with individuals and families who know where they want to go... but need a little help getting there.

There are no account minimums to become a client. You can get as little or as much help as you want – from a one-time meeting to address a specific area, to comprehensive planning that addresses all aspects of your financial life.

Unlike many financial advisors, Stowers Financial Planning does not sell stocks, annuities or insurance policies. That means we do not receive commissions or kickbacks for recommending certain financial products. We work just for you because we are paid just by you.

Following are the services that we offer:

Our Mission

We are committed to providing independent, objective advice to people from all walks of life. Through the advantages of competent, professional planning, we seek to empower our clients to make the best financial decisions possible. As staunch consumer advocates and Fee-Only client fiduciaries, we continue to demonstrate our commitment to serving the public's best interests.

You don't have to have a fortune to start building one. Why not get started today?